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On-demand laundry applications help you clear the laundry pile without spoiling your day. Pickup location, estimated date of return and even progress can be checked with the help of a laundry application. Developing a laundry service application will put you on the map as it solves a much-overlooked problem in the busy corporate life. Imagine the comfort a laundry app provides, through fingertip operation and hassle-free services.

AppNexus specialises in creating the feature rich, user friendly mobile applications. We’re rich with a team of vibrant, enthusiastic and code loving team of tech geeks who know what they are doing. Our years of experience is your insurance. And we promise to build you a feature rich, user friendly laundry service app.

Features of AppNexus Laundry Application

Real-time Tracking

The user can track the clothes real-time through the whole process. The updates will be displayed in the app from time to time.

Identifying Cloth Types

Different laundry procedures for different cloth types to keep your clothes free from damage or manhandling.

In-app Messaging

In-app messaging can be activated to facilitate easy and quick communication between the user and the service provider.

Schedule Pickup & Delivery

The user can schedule the pickup and delivery location and time. This feature will create a smooth interaction and service excellence.

Cost Calculator

The cost of the service can be calculated real-time by entering the details and number of clothes.

Online Payment

Online payment services can be activated to provide maximum user experience and ease.

Seamless UI

We develop brilliant user interface which takes the user through the sections effortlessly.

Offers & Deals

An offer or deal section can be introduced to attract new users and to delight the existing users.