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Mobile Payment App Development

Our Payment Mobile App provides the easiest and time saving method to make payments. It’s the perfect solution to get things done in a fast and secure way. The mobile wallet app saves the customers from the burden of typing the same payment details over and over. A solution to keep liquid cash safe and transactions on the watch. Our expert team knows how important security is and thus ensures every tiny bit of it to be foolproof.

Payment wallet app development is a brilliant idea which can bring you unprecedented results if implemented properly. A couple of experienced hands can get the job done neatly for you. This is what we do here at AppNexus . Our dedicated team equipped with years of experience in app development is the highest asset we possess. Come join us and make sure that your dream is made a reality with the help of a bunch of experts.

Payment Wallet App for Various Industries


Digitising retail sector with mobile payment wallets to power up their m-commerce will upscale the business manifolds. Moreover, payment wallets integrated in shopping sites will make the purchase faster and simple.


Mobile wallet is crucial in Ecommerce business. The fastest and easiest way to upscale your Ecommerce business is to integrate a payment wallet into it. We integrate mobile payment wallets into E-commerce businesses effortlessly.

Financial Establishments

Mobile wallet or E-payment is an inevitable evolution in the financial sector. We help financial establishments to help their customers through developing the safest mobile wallets.

AppNexus Creates Feature-Rich Payment Wallet App

Customer App

AppNexus mobile wallet payment app is one of the best in the industry. Our app is enriched with features which ensures the safety of its users. Your credibility is our supreme priority.


Secure payment gateways for safe transactions and data security

Login/sign up

Easy onboarding to facilitate ease of access and profile usage

Balance enquiry

Balance in the wallet can be checked with the help of this feature

Beneficiary list

Beneficiaries can be added for quick transactions and payments